Initiatives of Change is offering merit-based and need-based scholarships as well as 1 Alumni Scholarship for the 2020 session of the Caux Scholars Program (CSP) in Caux, Switzerland. The 30-day residential program will take place at the Initiatives of Change Conference Center in Caux, Switzerland.

Each year, 20 students from around the world are selected for this 4-week course. The program includes approximately 40 hours of academic classes and 7 hours per week of “Service for Leadership” practical work. CSP participants will discuss key essays and case studies and undergo leadership exercises, facilitation, dialogue, creative interventions, improvisation and performance, and institutional field visits. The scholars also participate as full delegates in Caux Forum’s Towards Inclusive Peace conference (TIP) and they spend a day visiting the Geneva Center for International Policy, the United Nations, and the International Committee of the Red Cross. These activities enable them to witness global institutional approaches to ongoing regional conflicts.

Caux Scholars Program

Course level: Short-term training

Fields of study: Peace and conflict resolution

Training period: Next batch to be announced

Institution and country: Initiatives of Change Conference Center in Caux, Switzerland.

Sponsor: Initiatives of Change

Scholarship inclusions:

CSP offers 1 full alumni scholarship per year. Through fundraising efforts, CSP also offers partial and full merit-based and need-based scholarships that are given to scholars who have made important community contributions and who demonstrate leadership skills and a clear commitment to furthering the mission and values of CSP and Initiatives of Change.

The CSP Alumni scholarship provides US$3,800 for the tuition fee and US$1,000 for air travel if enough funds are raised.

Eligibility criteria for the Caux Scholars Program:

  • You must be a national citizen of a country that is affected by present-day civil or armed conflict. Please note that candidates with dual nationality or permanent residency in a western country do not qualify for the scholarship.
  • Active engagement in creating peace and mitigating conflict is required.
  • Demonstrated financial need is mandatory.

Application deadline: Next call to be announced

How to apply for the Caux Scholars Program: 

When completing the online application, ensure that you fully answer all essay and financial questions listed. You must submit your current or most recent university transcripts.

  • Letter of recommendation: Supply two (2) written references, including at least one academic reference. These written references may be mailed directly to CSP in a sealed envelope or sent via email.

  • In addition to the CSP application, submit a one-page essay on the following topic:

    1. How are you currently engaged in creating peace in your country?

    2. From your perspective, what are the qualities needed in peacemakers who seek to break the cycle of hatred and resentment and unite people across barriers that have historically divided them? (You may wish to refer to the IofC website, particularly the history and stories of individuals who have helped heal conflicts in their countries may generate ideas.)

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